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Art Projects For Kids

Art projects for kids can be a fun and easy way to join in an activity with your child. Using items found around your house, such as egg cartons, paper, string, paint, and glue can be a great way to try out a new craft at home with little money. Art projects are not only fun for kids but a great way to teach kids.

If your child is into dinosaurs, you can try creating a dinosaur hat for the younger set or a dino dinorama for the older bunch. Take a look at the objects available around your house and this should be a deciding factor in how intricate your art project can be. If you only have paper and crayons a dinosaur calendar can be fun, or go all out and make a huge cardboard t-rex.

Bugs are always a big hit when it comes to art projects for kids. A ladybug puppet or a butterfly mobile can be lots of fun. Join in with your kids and teach them origami while you're at it. This can be a lifelong craft for you child to enjoy for years to come. Making pipe cleaner spiders are great during the Halloween season. Make a spider pop up card or design one from a piece of an egg carton using pipe cleaners for legs.

Turning art projects for kids into wonderful gifts is easy. Everyone has a handprint in clay from their child. How about having your child make jewelry? A necklace or bracelet with colored beads makes a great gift. Greeting cards are also nice especially when they're hand made. Have your child write a book, "All about me," to give out to that special grandparent. Include a photo and a handwriting sample. Art projects for kids can be a great way for a family to spend time together. Have fun and remember, it doesn’t need to cost you a thing.

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