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Internet Safety For Kids

Any one that has children and a computer has to be concerned about Internet safety for kids. There are many sites you don’t want your children seeing. Almost anything you can think of can be viewed on the Internet; from pornography to graphic death photos so you need to exercise Internet safety for kids to prevent them from stumbling upon something you don’t want them to see. There also chat rooms that you don’t want your children in. There has been a rash of adult predators online, posing as teens and setting up meetings with other teens. Give your kids a satellite Internet connection to make their Internet experience more fun with fast page load times.

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Internet safety for kids can take many forms. One is simply limiting their time on the Internet. Some parents let their children go into their rooms, where they have a computer, shut the door and never know what that child is doing online. Limit the time your child is online, but also know what they are doing. Put the computer in a public area in the house, such as the living room. And take time to ask what they are doing, if they are working on homework, chatting with friends, etc. Be involved in your child’s life. Parents that know a little something about computers and the Internet are able to be much more involved in what their children are doing online.

Monitor how much your children are using the chat feature. Don’t be afraid to ask who they are chatting with. The chat feature can be very fun and even educational if your children are chatting with other kids all over the world. However, you must watch who your children are chatting with. You don’t want them in adult chat rooms where the conversation might be questionable.

AOL offers their users Internet safety for kids. They recently announced KOL for children ages 6-12 and KOL Jr. for children under 6. Members currently using AOL 9.0 Optimized can use this new feature of Internet safety for kids. It has allows parents to set safety features to create a much more child friendly environment.

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