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Kid Playhouse

Searching for that perfect kid playhouse? The styles and sizes are endless. Prices can range from a mere $20 garage sale bargain to a stunning multi thousand dollar range. Before going on your playhouse hunt, take into consideration that you can choose from many sizes and shapes.

1. What will fit best in your yard? Consider how much space you have and how much space you want the playhouse to take up. Will you add landscaping, a sidewalk, a sand playing area? What shape would work best? Is there a flat area or will one need to be built? Is there room for expanding later on? Some playhouses are built to sit on top of a play area, leaving more space in the yard.

2. What style do you want? Are the modern park type, rubber molded playhouses offer the style you are looking for. Or did you want a matching Cape Cod playhouse to match your own Cape Cod exterior. The styles run from a simple square shaped, to elaborate Victorian styles. Maybe a log house suits you better and will blend into the woods in your country setting. You could want a replica of a community building, such as a fire station or a school house. It's all up to you.

3. You will need to have a budget plan in mind. A smaller budget can get you a small kid playhouse or clubhouse. While bigger budgets will be needed for the larger kid playhouses that are made well enough for someone to actually live in. Designed with quality in mind, they can withstand the worst weather and are fun for the kids to hang out in during those rainy shut-in days.

4. Who will assemble it? How is it delivered? Remember to include this in your budget. Look around for a house that has free delivery and assembly.

5. Furniture is something to consider. Some pre-built kid playhouses come with furniture included. Many offer deals such as a free table and chairs when you buy a kid playhouse from them.

Long gone are the planks of old plywood hammered together to make a fort. Today you can purchase a real fort, look out tower included. You will be amazed at the many playhouses being built today, so take your time and shop around.

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