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Kids Bedding

Is your child a kicker, a tosser, or a snuggler? All of the above? These clever kids’ bedding clips will help you and your little karate kid get a better night’s sleep.

When my son was small, I would wake up every few hours to cover him, afraid that he was cold. He was a tosser! After I began to have dark circles under my eyes from lack of sleep, I began to seek a solution. What I found changed the way I slept.

The Blanket Nanny keeps your kid’s bedding in place by attaching them to the bed. The clips feature extra wide elastic straps and dull edges for the safety of your children. The Blanket Nanny can be placed midway down the bed around the child’s hip area or at the foot of the bed to allow the child to get in and out of bed easily.

The elastic straps make it easy for your child to move around in the bed while staying covered. The little sleeper will be able to turn and move freely without any restrictions, and still remain covered throughout the night.

When a Blanket Nanny is attached to the foot and the middle of the kid’s bedding, the bedding will “float” over your child keeping them snug and warm all night long. While still allowing your munchkin to toss and turn all he or she wants. The Blanket Nanny was designed to keep your child covered, not to prevent movement, so you can also have peace of mind knowing that your child is not being restricted at all.

You will be finding comfort and sleep much more soundly yourself knowing that your child is covered and warm. I even use the Blanket Nanny on my bed to keep the sheets in place. Husbands tend to kick and squirm through the night worse than the children at my house!

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