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Kids Costumes

When most people think of kids costumes they think of Halloween. Halloween can be a fun time to dress up as your favorite character, but there are many other occasions when kids will need costumes.

Religious performances will often require costumes. These can sometimes be handmade from sheets or muslin fabric. Angel wings can be designed from two wire hangers. Shape these wire hangers into angel wings and pull over the hangers, a pair of white panty hose leggings. Cut any excess off and tape the ends in place. You can glue feathers, glitter, and cotton or decorate the edges of your wings. Tie two loops of elastic to the center of your wings and slip them on. This is an easy and inexpensive way to make kids costumes.

Plays and other performances will sometimes supply costumes for the performers, but often they will ask for the parents to purchase or make their child’s costume. Ask other parents for suggestions on local costume stores. Many will know of small costume shops that you may not have heard of. Ask why that particular shop is their favorite. Maybe they receive a discount or know of specials run by the costume shop. Kid’s costumes come in a huge variety, from inexpensive thin plastic to beautifully sewn garments. Be sure to consider the durability your child will need for their costume.

When shopping for kids costumes be sure to look around. Prices can vary widely. Check at local thrift shops for some of the best deals. When Halloween approaches, many times they will have a rack of costumes. Searching through the used clothing section can often turn up some great finds. Tattered overalls and a plaid shirt will make for a great scarecrow costume. An old used wedding dress could well be a young girl’s favorite. Make sure your child’s costume fits well and has no loose hanging parts that they may trip over. Have fun choosing that unique, one of a kind costume.

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