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Kids Furniture

Your child’s room is likely a disaster. You are not alone, most children’s rooms are the ones that you automatically run and close the door when you hear someone in your driveway. Kids are messy and unorganized. There are several pieces of kid’s furniture that you can purchase that will save space and will also help you to get organized in you child’s bedroom.

Bunk Beds:

These are especially wonderful if you have more than one child in the room. These beds will take up only half the space of two and your kids will love them. You can buy bunk beds that resemble a tent or other fun idea. You can purchase bunk beds make of wood or even fun, durable, colored plastics.

Storage bins:

These are a must for organizing your child’s room. You can buy these are you local retail store for about $10.00-$20.00 and they will last through the years! These storage bins are great for storing unused toys or clothes and stack neatly in the closet. They also work very well as tables! You can use the tops of the storage bins as a place for the little ones to play with legos, put a puzzle together, or even to play checkers!

Shoe Tree:

You thought these shoe trees or racks were only for your high heels? No way! They make excellent kid’s furniture as well! Hang a shoe rack on the back of your child’s closet door and keep those shoes out from under the bed! You can even make a game of organizing the shoes on the shoe tree. Have your preschooler help you to match the shoes and hang them on the shoe tree. You can spray paint the she tree in fun colors that your kids will adore!

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