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Kids Games

When the rain is falling outside, you may find your children staring out the window, or worse “Mom! There is nothing to do around here!” While my mother would have made me clean something the very moment the words “nothing to do” or “bored” passed through my lips, you may want to consider these kids games for your children on a rainy afternoon.

Kid’s games do not have to come from a box or have a million pieces that are only used once before they are lost or, do I dare say it, flushed! They can be simple and require no assembly or reading of rules.

Hide and Seek:

This is an old favorite, and your children will likely not have to explain this one to you! We have all played hide and seek. A simple game where one person hides and the other looks for that person. This is a classis kid’s game that is fun for the whole family.

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Go Fish:

Playing cards can be a learning experience for your kids without them even knowing it. Play go fish with your 4-5 year old and practice matching skills and number recognition as well as promote memory. This is also a great way to teach your child about games with rules, and processes. At times, we as parents tend to forget that our children will have to learn to play games with rules, it is not natural.

I Spy:

The best part about this kid’s game is that you can play it while you have your feet propped up on the couch. “I spy with my little eye…something fun for your kids!” This traditional guessing game will keep your kids busy for hours. Once they learn this game they will want to play it in the car and at school as well!

Enjoy playing hours of free sudoku puzzles of all levels - from easy to very hard.

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