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Kids Health

If you are a parent, there is nothing as important as your kids health. This can even start before they are born. It is important for mothers-to-be to make regular prenatal doctor’s appointments to make sure that the pregnancy is going as smooth as possible. Undiagnosed problems, such as gestational diabetes in the mother, can lead to problems for the child after they are born.

After birth, the baby needs to make several doctor visits so the doctor can monitor the kids health. Children need to receive certain immunizations on a timeframe to prevent them from contracting diseases. Vaccinations are very important factor in kids health. Until the early 1920’s, diphtheria was a terrible childhood disease. It was responsible for killing over ten thousand people each year. Once doctors started administering a vaccine against diphtheria, the numbers decrease dramatically and it is very rare to see a case of diphtheria today. Measles is another disease almost totally eradicated by vaccination. The cases decreased from half a million nationwide in 1962 (the year before the vaccine was introduced) to only about 100 cases in 1999.

There are other measures you can take to insure your kids health. If they feel hot, take their temperature. Normal temperature in a baby can be up to 100 degrees. But, you should know what is normal and what is high depending on their age to insure your kids health. If you think they have a fever, try Tylenol to reduce the fever. You can also give them a lukewarm bath to bring their temperature down. If you child injures themselves while playing, know proper first aid. Bandaids are fine for small cuts, but deeper, larger cuts should be looked at by a physician. You should never try to treat broken limbs yourself, other than to immobilize the limb and take your child to the emergency room.

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