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Kids Jewelry Boxes

Kids jewelry boxes are made for a little girl to treasure. From cute jewelry boxes to elegant, any girl would love to own one. If you happen to be shopping for a jewelry box, you're in for a treat. The styles and selections are endless.

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When looking at kids jewelry boxes, first take into consideration the child’s age. A jewelry box with small parts would not be appropriate for a young child. Neither would a jewelry box with hard to open drawers or delicate parts.

Consider other things such as; what will this child be keeping in her jewelry box? Is there enough space for that large beaded bracelet? Can little fingers become trapped in the hinges? Jewelry boxes made by Little Tyke or Mattel should be suitable for tiny hands. Sesame Street makes jewelry boxes specifically for the tiny tots. Check the label for age suggestions.

With an older child there is a much larger selection. She may enjoy the newest in the jewelry box line, a decorate your own jewelry box. Complete with paints and even a turning ballerina. How about a jewelry box shaped like a piano? This would be perfect for the piano teacher to give to her budding student. Did you know that many jewelry boxes also provide music? Some, when opened, will play a song and a ballerina inside will seem to dance to the music. A heart shaped jewelry box makes a wonderful gift. Kids jewelry boxes also come in many heights some containing only one drawer while other have four or more.

Kids jewelry boxes have been known to be made out of plastic but the better quality boxes are made out of wood. Cherry, oak, walnut, and rattan are just a few of the woods used to create jewelry boxes. Some are lined in suede while others are lined in leatherette. Kids jewelry boxes range in price from only a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. The size does not determine the price. It's the quality. A tiny sterling silver baby's jewelry box sells for over $100. Be sure to shop around when looking for that perfect kids jewelry box.

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