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Kids Party Games

Kids party games are not just for birthdays. Enjoy them any time a small group of kids gather. Many games can be adapted according to the age of the children. A treasure hunt is a favorite that can be made simple for the younger set, or get into treasure maps and clues for the older crowd. Remember there should be a prize at the end that is age appropriate. Candy of course is good for all ages.

A Pinata has proven to be the most well known birthday party game and another favorite kids party game. This game requires plenty of room and adult supervision. Start with the youngest child and let them swing a stick at the hanging pinata. Fill your pinata with candy and unbreakable goodies. Pinatas can be found in just about any theme or color. If you are very creative, you can try making your own.

Entertain your kids with our free online games good for kids of all ages!

You will remember the game, “Pin the tail on the donkey”. Update this common kids party game by pinning the nose on the clown or the tail on the pig. Just about any party theme can be worked into a pinning game. Another game that is fun even for adults is dropping a clothes pin into a bottle. To make this game fair, have each person hold the pin at waist height. A bean bag toss can be loads of fun. Use a large poster board cut with holes and assign points to each hole. The prize can be a bean bag toss game to take home.

Simple childhood games can be turned into fun kids party games. Try "Button, Button, Who's got the Button", "Duck, Duck, Goose", or "Hot Potato". Young and old alike will enjoy "Simon Says". On a hot day try a water balloon toss outdoors. Kids enjoy getting wet and a prize for this game isn't often necessary. Getting soaked is often fun enough. Have fun thinking up your own unique kids party games.

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