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Kids Pools

Kids pools and summer go hand in hand. But before you purchase, you should know all the pools available. If you have small children, a wading pool is probably your best bet. These can be inflatable or the hard plastic kind, but either one is an excellent choice for a kids pool. The hard plastic pools are usually round, but the inflatable pools can either be round or oblong. These kids pools can provide hours of fun but be sure that the children are never left unsupervised by an adult when wading. Smaller children may need to wear the inflatable arm floaties to make them feel safer in the water.

Older children will probably want the inflatable pools because they provide more space and are deeper than the wading pools. There are different sizes in the inflatable pools, so you will need to decide what size you need. If you have several children that are going to be playing in the pool, you will want to get a bigger one. If you only have one or two children, a smaller inflatable pool should work just fine. Some of the inflatable kids pools have spouts that, when you attach the hose to them, sprinkle the children with water.

There are also inflatable pools with a canopy to provide shade from the hot sun. Before you purchase, check to see if the walls will support body weight. While some do, there are others that won’t. If you think a child sitting on the side of the pool might be a problem, you will want to insure that the kids pool you purchase has stable walls when filled with water. The ultimate in inflatable kids pools are the ones that have a shape, such as a castle or have built in slides for the kids. These can be filled with water or with the small plastic balls when the weather turns cooler.

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