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Kids Rooms

Kids rooms are fun to decorate and organize. Choosing a theme should be well thought out. Things to think about include; what color scheme will your child enjoy, though your child currently wants everything to reflect his or her favorite television show, how long will that last? The best decision would be to choose colors and themes that are long lasting. It is all up to you and your child.

Containers and shelves in kids rooms will help with organization. Habits are learned early and it’s great to know exactly where something belongs and where to find it when it’s needed. Label your containers for easier management. With a very young child, label the containers with picture cut outs. Older children can write on the labels themselves.

Modifying a child's closet can be very helpful. More labeled containers to place clothes in, can provide necessary storage. Lowering the hanger bar is very helpful if you'd like your child to hang up or take down their own clothes. Filing cabinets for children can be very useful in a child’s bedroom. Kids rooms can become messy quickly, especially when there's no place for all the daily papers that come home from school. What will you do with all those certificates, report cards, and art projects? File them away!

Over the door shoe holders don't need to be used only for shoes. Small items such as racing cars, action figures, and Barbie clothes fit in these nicely. When a child is told to pick up their toys, they will know exactly where everything belongs and will have storage within their reach. If you can't find enough space for all your child’s belongings, chances are there is too much. Let your child choose what they would like to give away. Take them to a donation center that benefits children who are in need of toys and clothing. Your child will make a great contribution while making space. Kids rooms can be fun to decorate and organize.

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