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Kids Safety

All parents want to insure their kids safety. This includes emotional and physical safety. To help keep your kids emotionally safe, talk to them. Find out how things are going in school, who their friends are and what they like to do. Parents who are involved in their children’s lives are much more likely to know when things are bothering them. If you think there is a problem at school, talk to their teacher. Children suffering from emotional problems may even need to see a school counselor or psychiatrist to help them work through their problems. Also take note of your child’s home life. Monitor the amount of time they spend on the Internet.

Many programs, such as AOL, now have special programs specifically geared towards kids safety. All children should know to call 911 in case of an emergency. Know where your children are going when they leave the house. Remind them of important things like not talking to strangers and not getting in the car of anyone they don’t know. For your kids safety, it is best if they play in the neighborhood with other kids – there really is safety in numbers. Also be sure to know what they are watching on television and only let them watch age appropriate shows.

One way to make sure they stay physically safe is to wear proper safety gear when playing sports. Children can be protected by wearing a safety helmet when riding their bike. If they play sports, they should never play without the proper gear. Football players need to wear pads and safety helmets at all times. Baseball players should also wear helmets when batting. There should always be coaches present when playing organized sports that make sure each child has the proper safety gear and that all safety precautions are taken.

Remember that no matter where they are, home or school, you can play a part in your kids safety. Protect your child with hearing protection and eye protection.

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