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Kids Shoes

When your child starts walking you'll find many styles of shoes to choose from. From the cutest cartoon characters printed on the sides of kids shoes to imitation adult styles in popular name brands. It is recommended that kids go barefoot or wear socks until they start walking. Shoes help shape the growing foot and a shoe that doesn't fit correctly will mean unhealthy feet.

When shopping for kids shoes be sure to look for shoes that fit. Shoes that are too small will stunt the growth of the foot and also cause toes to turn in. This can lead to other major foot problems. Shoes that are too big can not only cause blistering but they will also cause the child to trip.

Leather made shoes are the best type of kid shoes. Leather lets air circulate and also lasts longer. This can help young children with comfort and problems caused by sweaty feet. Children's feet tend to sweat twice as much as adult feet. Sandals are another option. Great for summer wear but also letting the air circulate around the feet. If your child likes to help out dad in the workshop you may want to think about buying a pair of child's steel toed work boots to help protect their feet.

When selecting kids shoes you will have many options. Velcro closures are sure to be easier than tie shoes. Slip-ons are another option that makes it easy for the younger child to get dressed on their own. Stores such as Stride Rite have well trained staff that can find a great fit for your child. They also offer a unique guarantee. If your child wears out their shoes before they outgrow them, you can return them for a new pair.

Remember to keep the non-walking youngsters in skid proof booties but look for leather when it's time for that first pair of shoes. If sneakers are what you're looking for, make sure they are of the best quality, with tough stitching and thick soles. Sneakers are the most worn kid shoes and will likely be the first to wear out from the usual wear and tear a child can produce.

Find dance shoes to fit your childs growing feet and styles as they grow up.

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